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So, are we working together?

How We Can Help You?

eCommerce Development

we make you a leader in an e-commerce company in Ethiopia, we help you with a solid marketing strategy help you to dominate the market

Our Servies are

  • Improve overall site aesthetic and user experience in order to create a more engaging experience
  • Create a highly usable, searchable and browseable product catalogue with easy social sharing options and clear conversion points to contact for a quote
  • Develop a more SEO friendly and socially-focussed blog in order to drive user engagement and organic searches.
  • Introduce limited and custom eCommerce website options for specific products.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS and WooCommerce for cart functionality

So, are we working together?

Website Development

We design beautiful mobile responsive website for your brand

From easy minimalist website design to complex

Showcase your profile and works for employers on beautiful and clean website.

User interface design (UI) and user experience design(UX) to build products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users



Approach to communications, sales, product, and service that grows the asset of your brand equity

Re-branding, showcasing new release products

LOGO design, another creative graphics design works

Re-fining all visual of your company brand elements



Create contents, prepare schedule social media post, and run paid advertising

Creatives designs, videos story for social media

Paid adverting cost per click or view on social media and Google

Solutions for global advertisers

Connecting brands with audiences in unexpectedly impactful ways.

Move Forward Faster

Focus on what’s important to your business. Our intelligent platforms let you buy the way you want, and connect with customers the way you need.


Buying a place designed to drive unmatched performance through quality industry influencers , bring a quality audience, deeper insights, and greater transparency. 

Native AdSpace

An AdSpace paltform for advertisers to reach audiences through ad experiences specially designed for our network of trusted sites and apps including Yahoo, MSN, Samsung, Spotify,Forbes, New York Times, BBC and Apple News.


Inventory, deals, and more through the only ad exchanges that offer direct access to Big Data and Media , and premium third-party supply, with a focus on transparency, viewability, and brand safety.

Advertise with us

Let’s work together to make your next campaign a success.

Featured Projects


sustainable footwear brand

Role: Director of Digital marketing

graphics by Fitsum

Garden of Coffee

Specialty Coffee Brand

Role: social media advertising


chips brand

Role: Director of Digital marketing


Working with Andualem Lemecha was an insightful and team experience. He's great at creating a strategy to distill your values, then share with others in a meaningful way.

Our Team

Andualem Lemecha

Founder and CEO



Software Engineer

full stack developer


Software Engineer

backend developer

Melvin J

Senior Software Engineer

backend system developer

Anatoly K

Graphics Designer

Graphics Designer

Haymanot A



Why Choose Us?

We have a solid experience in the branding and marketing industry, we’re committed and  accountable to our works

We organize and plan to divide the project into specific activities so we do better and quality work on time

The intentional and strategic approach we take in developing and implementing steps that will ensure and support your business’ growth

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