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sustainable footwear brand

Role: Director of Digital marketing

 Develop and execute a lot of successful Advanced Facebook Ads testing and scaling, Google Ads, Adroll campaigns, email marketing, and drive sustained online sales.
 Assertively managing key drivers behind sales, gross margin. Including traffics, average order value and conversion, to ensure the work is on track to meet or exceed the plan.
 Apply superb analytic skills, digging deep into data to craft critical objectives, strategies, and tactics, and then turn insight into action to drive results. CLEARLY UNSERATAND the investment in customer acquisition and wisely guide the speeding to meet the objective.
 Communicate to executive and other key stakeholders the strategies driving e-commerce, a vision, and roadmaps for future growth, and provides ongoing status updates across initiatives. serve as subject matter expert for digital marketing across the company
 Ensure effective communication of all initiatives, resulting in consistent understanding of the reasons for, direction of, and expected results of each project. Act as focal point for progress reporting on key initiatives, including timely updates to marketing, design, sales, IT and key stakeholders

Garden of Coffee

Specialty Coffee Brand

Role: Director of Digital marketing

social media marketing, Prepare Creative Briefs,Monitor and Review Design Stages 

  • Prepare Creative Briefs
  • Prepare Brand Guidelines

Fenaol Coffee

Roasted and Grinded Harar Coffee


Packaging design,logo design,company profile, t-shirt design

Fenaol Coffee


website design, storytelling

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